General Information


• If you have a specific budget and don't see the type of commission you want, please contact me and we can talk about your personal needs.

• Character commissions include a simple background, usually a splash of color. You may choose the color if you wish. More detailed backgrounds may be purchased as an add-on if desired.

• The prices listed below are base prices, but it may vary if the character has high detail or extra add-ons.

• Your commission will be sent in a high resolution, usually sized 8.5" x 11", please tell me if you need it in a specific size for printing purposes or otherwise.

• References or a detailed description must be provided (images preferred, but detailed descriptions also help)

• Payments are made via Square or Paypal


All prices are for a single character only

Digital Bust/Headshot $50

Digital Half Body $70

Digital Fullbody $90

The following include shipping costs:

Traditional sketch card (B&W, 2.5"x3.5") $25

Traditional marker sketch (B&W, 9"x12") $70

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